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Price List

Upon any inquiry, I will be happy to send you a price list that is based on readily available canvas sizes. If you would like to commission a certain size that isn't on the price list, I can provide a quote. Each canvas price varies on dimensions, framing, and postage if required.

Initial Consultation 

The initial consultation is complimentary. Some clients have a very clear idea of what they want, and others may need design inspiration lead from me, based on their particular space. I can provide suggestions on colors, styles, and sizing if you are unsure.


I've also had clients who prefer that I view the space beforehand and give my initial thoughts, which can be useful and a part of the process I really enjoy. This is where ALL of my skill sets converge! 

Design Lead & Color Palette

If a site visit isn't possible, then I would ask that you send me your desired color scheme and palette, along with photos/video of the space where the art will reside. 

If you are unclear about what you are searching for, then we simply start by looking through my portfolio and start a conversation. I want to understand what lights you up! What you are drawn to - colors, energy, composition, design, complexity, simplicity, etc.

Taking your preferences into consideration, I start to create a loose yet cohesive vision that compliments the proposed environment. I take inspiration from the interior furnishings, decor, style, and palette. I look at the lighting and any existing art that might be within range.


Every client's style is different, every space is different, every personality is different, and every brief is different and  to gain further clarity, I might present a mood board.


Prices are based on square inches. I charge an additional 30% (of the retail artwork price) as a commission fee. This is nonrefundable. 

To commence the commission process (or lock your place in the queue if there is a waiting list), I ask for the 30% commission fee to be paid upfront. There is a contract form so both parties understand the brief and are in full agreement of the terms. The final 70% is paid upon completion of the painting. I accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, or check.

If there is a situation where the collector is not happy with any of the commissioned options, then the nonrefundable 30% can be put towards an existing in-stock painting. 

You can also request to have your artwork framed through my vendor. They are terrific, reasonably priced, and will pick up and deliver larger pieces within a certain proximity.


Shipping is an additional charge.

The Painting Process & Finalizing The Vision

Once all of the above is squared away, I ask that you hand the baton over to me. This is where the dance begins. My unique creative process alongside decades of experience leads me to the final destination. 

I'll notify you when I am starting the piece. The lead time is typically a week up to a few months, depending on the complexity of the project.


I do not work from sketches, but I do work on 2-3 individual pieces to present to you. This allows me to relax into the brief and be freer with my approach (certainly on the two ‘play’ panels). One of the three pieces would be the focused piece, and for the other two, I just play a little more (unsurprisingly- these often turn out to be the favorites).  

For larger or more complex and unique briefs, and if the proximity to my studio is reasonable, then I may suggest another site visit towards the end of the process. The goal here is to try the pieces in the setting before completion. Paintings often speak to more clearly to me when they arresting the space. This is a complimentary component, but only available for commissions smaller than 40"x 60”. For larger panels, and locations further than 50 miles, there would be an additional charge for transportation and expenses.


I am happy to send you pictures along the way and explain the art's progression. Throughout the process your feedback is welcomed. Within reason, I can certainly tweak the painting until we are both happy with it. My goal is to present a fine piece that you really love.  

Entrusting me with a commission is such an honor, and I take great pride in designing the perfect piece that suits into your space and style.

Framing and Positioning

For local clients, I am happy to recommend my fantastic framer, who would pick up the piece from your home if necessary. If required I can provide consultation for frame choice and positioning if you would like.




Final payment is due upon completion. I can either ship it, mail it, or deliver it in person depending on your location. Packages are tracked and insured to make sure your piece gets to you safely. You will receive updates of the item's arrival, and the delivery driver will have your details. For larger paintings, it is more cost effective to remove the canvas from the stretchers and have it framed near you. I do not suggest shipping glass. 



Signed, Sealed and Delivered…It’s YOURS.

You now have yourself a lovely, unique painting for your home or office that was created just for YOU with your personal stamp on it. 

I’d love to hear from you and see pictures of the unveiling and the piece in its new home.

Please contact me via my email or on Instagram. 

Smooth Jazz.jpeg

Working with Liz was an absolute breeze. We had plenty of communication and her guidance was just right. I couldn’t be happier with the piece she painted for me. I look forward to working with her in the future.



Are you looking for the perfect unique gift for someone special for that special occasion, maybe a new home gift, a birthday or anniversary? Or maybe just because you know they love my art.

​No matter the reason you have for wanting to give this gift, it is pretty special.
Upon purchase of your gift pack, you will be given a beautiful, personalized certificate (images below) so that you can actually give a physical gift to someone. They can then contact me and begin the commission process!







As an interior designer myself, I am very comfortable working with Designers. I am happy to either discuss the brief together, or work with your vision and specification.  Mood board, color palette suggestions, and photographs or videos of the space are welcomed.


I offer a designer discount from the original price.



Art is subjective and people certainly respond to art in different ways. Buying original art for yourself is an investment, and very often one that is emotionally driven rather than logically. 

For those of you who might be at new to this, I understand you’ll probably have many questions…


How do we choose the right art? Where should it hang? Can new contemporary art be mixed with different styles? Can they be placed in the less obvious parts of the home?  Do I need to ‘understand’ my reactions to abstract art? What size would be best?


Suggestion 1: What makes it the right painting for me?

Of course, there are a few practical reasons to consider when buying art, but as I mentioned before art is subjective. It should ‘speak’ to you. I want you to be in love with it. It should stir an emotion within you that makes you feel alive. There does not need to be a rhyme or logical intellectual reason or justification to the selection. Sure, it’s great if it complements or even set a particular tone of a space. Perhaps it even reflect the energy you wish to create in a room... or is simply be a mirror of your own internal landscape that pleases and improves your psyche.  But if you love it, then it should be in your space.


Suggestion 2: Where to hang small paintings?

I love layers in a room.  Small paintings woven into shelves or alongside some decor, for example, are great way to add unique interest. 

If you don't have shelves, perhaps the painting can be propped up on a mantelpiece or picture rail, or even just leaning against the wall. 


Suggestion 3: How do I blend with the other existing art I have?

If you many pieces, it is always interesting to take one wall and create a unique gallery. This can make a fabulous impact, suggesting confidence, style and personality. Gallery walls are not precious and can constantly change. Mixing and matching vintage with higher end pieces is a cool eclectic look that at adds personality to your home.  


Suggestion 4: How do I choose a frame?

Frames really complete the look and can even help the art act as a focal point in a room. The right frame can strengthen and finish a piece beautifully. It can also tie in existing furniture color, material, and soft furnishings. I am happy to help with this selection.


 Some extra points to consider when choosing art...


• One larger canvas is not always better or cheaper than two- try mixing sizes!

• To compliment the space, try matching textures and colors in the paintings with interior furnishings. 

•  Good framing is impactful – It has the potential to make or break a piece. You can combine different finishes styles, and tie it all together.

• Thinking about the painting in terms of longevity is important, but remember the color of the walls and style of the décor is flexible if you decide to redecorate. 

• Original artwork in a home can be a powerful way to introduce your individual personality and set the tone for the energy or vibe you want to create.


• Kandinsky once said, "Color is a power that directly influences the soul.'' Artists and interior designers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions.


• An original piece is easier to commission than you think. It could be the perfect missing element that pulls all the elements of a room together. Think of it as the conductor of an orchestra.

Down By The Bay

We completely enjoyed working with Liz on our first-ever commissioned project. She is delightful, open-minded, and gifted as an artist and designer. Liz’s commission process is flexible providing ample creative room for the artist and low anxiety for the collector (3 options to choose from). The experience was so satisfying, we ended up acquiring 3 of her paintings!



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