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"my approach always starts with a decision to surrender"

My art represents an honoring of a deep need in me to push beyond the ‘neat and tidy’, to a place that is raw and free. It is my truth. It is where my humanity gets stirred up, faced, embraced, befriended and at times discarded. It is equal parts messy, imperfect, and beautiful – a mirror of our shared human experience. It is a journey that takes courage, vulnerability, and an open heart. My paintings are souvenirs of that journey. 

My approach always starts with a decision to surrender. The mix of intentional marks and free intuitive strokes feel like a dance of color and texture, of the spontaneous and the deliberate. From there I allow the process to guide me, as much as I can, free from judgment or limitations. I then get to a point where the painting feels finished, or asks to be honed and refined. 

When I am in the flow, I lose track of time. For those precious brief moments, I am offered a portal to drop into a quietness that allows an inexplicable voice within me to be heard. The process can be messy and painful, and I don't always like where it takes me, but it is my medicine. It feeds my soul and enriches my spirit. It has given me the freedom, the confidence, and the courage to show up for myself and take risks. I am now prepared to go the extra mile, feel the feelings and push beyond my limited beliefs to live a free and authentic life.


Moving into my own art studio in 2019 in a local artist community, was a dream come true. To have this space just to produce art, has proved to be an absolute blessing, (especially during the pandemic). 


I tend to focus on design projects during the day, and in then in the late afternoons and evening, you will find me in my studio, covered in paint, experimenting, playing like a kid, possibly dancing and always listening to great music or a podcast.


Today, in my recently expanded studio, I am enjoying being able to work on larger scale pieces and I am excited to start hosting Creative Play workshops.


I look forward to connecting with all of you who are curious to explore your own untapped creativity, in a safe and nurturing environment.