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artist's statement


The move into abstract painting has provided me the opportunity to freely experiment and play. When I get  to my studio, my goal is to simply be "present, open, to surrender to the process and not be attached to the outcome.” Some days that’s a reach; other days I manage to 'catch a wave' or 'deep dive in the the abyss'  chasing that magic


When I start a new piece, I might only have a small fragment of an idea or perhaps a sense about a color combination that I want to explore, or I might have a particular room or space in mind that I designed. After that, I just try to 'get out of the way, allowing 'curiosity' and the 'energy'  of the painting to guide my decisions. and direction! Strong design is a critical component but I do give this aspect careful consideration until the later layers. I try to be playful and experimental! I paint over layers, I erase layers, I look for harmony and contrast. I love texture and line.  Opening oneself to 'process' rather than focussing on the end result is a fascinating journey. It can can be chaotic, messy, slippery, captivating, bewildering, and more often than not, ambiguous. Regardless, I love and welcome all of it! 


Art is my prayer and my meditation. Learning to be open to what is speaking deep inside me has shown me glimpses of truth, understanding and beauty. The experience of this journey is transformational. The pieces I produce are simply souvenirs of the journey to find my soul and connect with the Divine.


"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures".

Henry Ward Beecher